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Enjoy this slide show of my pictures and fractals.

If you are looking for my stories, you will have to go into my gallery. :)


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Random Favourites

Just a few things that I happen to like and actually found. :)

A question for my readers. What do you think of character bashing (… ) in fanfiction stories? Is it a good element to have in a story. 

7 deviants said No = Comment.
4 deviants said What is character bashing? ->…
2 deviants said Yes = Comment.


These are links to photos and fractals that are in 'Greeting Card' form. At first I wondered what greeting cards were, but then it occurred to me that it's those cards you buy from Hallmark that you give people for their birthday or anniversary or graduation. :)

A Plea for Linked Chapters

Sun Feb 16, 2014, 5:53 PM

I've been here at DA for a good number of years, so I think I can voice how I feel about something. It's a little bothersome when I find a multi-chapter story and they aren't connected. 

More often than not, I don't find the story on it's first chapter, and there is no link to the next, previous or first chapter of the story. So that leads me, and I'm sure a few other people, to click on the author's name. Go to their gallery, and then look for the first chapter of the story, if not the next chapter. 

Now if they had been given their own folder, it makes it easier to find them, but after reading each chapter, we have to go back to that folder each time to get the next chapter in line to be read. 

Before you say that I'm lazy, that isn't the point I'm trying to make. Everyone one wants visitors to their page. To look through their gallery and to find something else that they like. Get a watch or two. I begrudge no one that.

What I'm talking about is the inability I, we, have as a reader to flow from one chapter to the next. To stay in the world that the writer has put time and effort into creating for us to enjoy and be swept up in. 

But how swept up could we be, if we have to keep going back to find the next chapter and perhaps having that be even more difficult if the story wasn't organized by the author and left scattered among other stories and different pieces of work?

So a few weeks or so ago, perhaps a week ago, I found a story that l liked and asked the author why her chapters weren't linked. 

She didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I almost, almost, couldn't believe it. Not that long ago, almost every story I read had links, but since I don't see that many stories with links now, I could understand why she didn't understand what I meant. 

So the first part of this journal was me explaining why we need more authors to add links to their multi-chapter stories. 

This next part is to show you how to do it.

Firstly, you need two chapters to do it. Yes I just said that. To link chapters in a story to each other, you must have more than one chapter in to you story. I know how dumb that sounds. 

Now, if you you want to, for some reason, link stories to each other, go for it. :) I know, I think there was something in water.

Anyway, some people may have a few connected stories, side stories or part one and part two or what have you, that they want to link together. 

The process is still the same, the only difference would be how you label the link(s). 

Now on the right side of everything submitted on DA there is a set of codes for you to use to link to that page. 

Fullscreen capture 2162014 60754 PM.bmp by jemgirl

To be fair there is another field/"box" with code under the title Embed, but that is used, mostly, for outside of DA I believe. Correct me if that's wrong. Also, it is only given if you posted an image or another non-text submissions. 

For what I'm trying to show you here, you are only concerned with these two anyway.

Now, you will have to choose which look you want to present. Do you want them to see something like this?

Fullscreen capture 2162014 61647 PM.bmp by jemgirl

Or if you just want a line of blue letters like this.

Am I wanted -

Now the process is very simple. Go the the page that you want to link to. Copy the code that you want to use. Link or thumb. Go to the submit or edit page of where you want to place the link. Now place it inside this space/field. 

Fullscreen capture 2162014 61226 PM by jemgirl

Now, I didn't clarifier this part to someone else and she place the link in the same text field as her chapter. 

At first I was surprised, but then I thought it was brilliant. She placed a word link back to the previous chapter at the start of the chapter, and then a link to her next chapter at the end of the chapter. 

Now when placing links you may do it this way. 

Fullscreen capture 2162014 73033 PM by jemgirl Giving links back to where you came from and forward to where you want to go next.

Or this way.

Fullscreen capture 2162014 73306 PM by jemgirl

Showing a link to what is next or pointing your readers back to the start of the story if this is the first time they are seeing it. 

Some people have all three. Previous chapter link, Next chapter link and Start of story link. Like my friend here. 

Fullscreen capture 2162014 74445 PM by jemgirl

I think I've coved it for quick simple linking. If you want to know more, ask me. I answer all questions. :)

Happy linking. :wave:

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I know, this is a funny skin for such a journal, but I like the menu in the top corner. I even customized it so you can jump to my stories, especially 'Together' my first Inuyasha story. 

Now before you go to see it, know that it has a yaoi/gay couple in it. I also put Kagome with Sessomaru and Sango ended up with Kouga. 

How does this end up with me asking for research help?

Well I knew for the last 30 chapters of the other story, that I would have to do a story that was mostly about Sango and Kouga and I'm starting to really think about details for it now. I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to explain why part of Kouga's tribe/clan/pack is human/demon, while the other part is wolf. I want to explain this, but I want to know what canon has to say about this, if it does at all, and what other writers have come up with to explain this. 

I did a lot of research for my first Inuyasha story, and I don't remember coming across something that would explain this, so I'm not even sure there is canon to help me here. 

I need to answer this for myself before starting this story. So can anyone help me?
Most of my stories are gay/yaoi (whichever you like to use), and I'm sure that the gay couple from the first story will show up a few times since I haven't come up with a story line yet, but this will be a hetero story. 

For some reason I felt like I saying that. :) 

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Jhoy E. Meade
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
As you may have realized, I write mostly about the love & sex life of gay men and sometimes straight couples.

Here are all the links to where I have my stories.

:pc: :iconwalloftextplz: :pc: :iconwalloftextplz: :pc: :iconwalloftextplz: :pc:

:bulletorange:… = My Adult Fanfiction Profile

:bulletorange: = My Scribd Profile

:bulletorange: = My Fanfiction Profile

:bulletorange: = My Own Story Space for Almost Every Story I've Written. I'm still adding to it.

Now most of the things in my gallery here at DA are my photos and fractals. I am mostly happy with having them here, so I haven't spread them out that much like my stories. Granted. I had my stories posted at other places before DA started to post word works. So it's not that surprising, that they are out there more than my photos. But I'm looking to change that.

:gallery: :gallery: :gallery: :gallery:

:bulletyellow:… = Somewhere else I showcase my work. Mostly photos. I don't have much up because I forgot about it for a while.

:bulletyellow:… = New place I just signed up with. It's for more exposure and they have their version of a DA store. It's what their site is mostly built around.

Other bits about me

:bulletred: Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY
:bulletred: deviantWEAR sizing preference: 3XL
:bulletred: Favorite genre of music: rock and pop
:bulletred: Favorite style of art: minimalistic or and colourful
:bulletred: Operating System: XP and Windows 7
:bulletred: MP3 player of choice: Winamp
:bulletred: Wallpaper of choice: Well done, eye catching & icon compatable
:bulletred: Skin of choice: To make?? Tclock. To get.. Winamp
:bulletred: Favorite cartoon character: Betty Boop, Wilma Flitstone & Ryouko

Personal Quote::spotlight-left:I'm always late, but I'm worth it.:spotlight-right:

......I didn't realize that all my contact information was no longer here.

Hotmail - jhoyelba
Aim/aol - jhoym
ICQ - 15061122
Yahoo - jhoym
Gmail - jhoyelba

(notice a pattern here?)


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And you are welcome. 
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