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Enjoy this slide show of my pictures and fractals.

If you are looking for my stories, you will have to go into my gallery. :)


On the little Island. by dragonfly-oli

I only gave three stars for Originality because I don't think the idea is that novel. It's impact comes from execution, which you have ...

Secrets by John-Peter

You have such a captivating view. I kinda saw it as something of a real life background from the movie Epic. The movie wasn't bad, just...

Deep blue by fotografka

When I stand back to look at this, I realize that you have this gorgeous expanse of blue sky with waves of clouds moving along it and t...

Flower by DoraVavrova

This is what I aim for a lot of times but my cam cuts me short. You had the angle right and you did very good on the post work for this...

Random Favourites

Just a few things that I happen to like and actually found. :)

Stuff About Me

As you may have realized, I write mostly about the love & sex life of gay men and sometimes straight couples.

Here are all the links to where I have my stories.

:pc: :iconwalloftextplz: :pc: :iconwalloftextplz: :pc: :iconwalloftextplz: :pc:

:bulletorange:… = My Adult Fanfiction Profile

:bulletorange: = My Scribd Profile

:bulletorange: = My Fanfiction Profile

:bulletorange: = My Own Story Space for Almost Every Story I've Written. I'm still adding to it.

Now most of the things in my gallery here at DA are my photos and fractals. I am mostly happy with having them here, so I haven't spread them out that much like my stories. Granted. I had my stories posted at other places before DA started to post word works. So it's not that surprising, that they are out there more than my photos. But I'm looking to change that.

:gallery: :gallery: :gallery: :gallery:

:bulletyellow:… = Somewhere else I showcase my work. Mostly photos. I don't have much up because I forgot about it for a while.

:bulletyellow:… = New place I just signed up with. It's for more exposure and they have their version of a DA store. It's what their site is mostly built around.

Other bits about me

:bulletred: Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY
:bulletred: deviantWEAR sizing preference: 3XL
:bulletred: Favorite genre of music: rock and pop
:bulletred: Favorite style of art: minimalistic or and colourful
:bulletred: Operating System: XP and Windows 7
:bulletred: MP3 player of choice: Winamp
:bulletred: Wallpaper of choice: Well done, eye catching & icon compatable
:bulletred: Skin of choice: To make?? Tclock. To get.. Winamp
:bulletred: Favorite cartoon character: Betty Boop, Wilma Flitstone & Ryouko

Personal Quote::spotlight-left:I'm always late, but I'm worth it.:spotlight-right:

......I didn't realize that all my contact information was no longer here.

Hotmail - jhoyelba
Aim/aol - jhoym
ICQ - 15061122
Yahoo - jhoym
Gmail - jhoyelba

(notice a pattern here?)


A question for my readers. What do you think of character bashing (… ) in fanfiction stories? Is it a good element to have in a story. 

10 deviants said No = Comment.
4 deviants said What is character bashing? ->…
2 deviants said Yes = Comment.

Music and Fractals Together


These are links to photos and fractals that are in 'Mouse Pad' form. That is something that most people need right? :)


4266 by heardbydeaf - Jemgirl by jemgirl
4266 by heardbydeaf - Jemgirl
Once again I'm riding someone else's coat tails.

This photo I got from Heardbydeaf . You may not find it again. I don't know if I'll find it again. He posts tons of pics at a time.

So pic take props goes to him, and I just tinkered with it to make it stand out a bit more.

Since it's not mine, I'm not putting up any prints and the same size file that he has up for download is what you will here without my tag attached.
Hello people.

I plan on updating this as time goes by.

Well, a week or so back a girl posted her journal about looking for, or to just let people know, about some yaoi online comics. That got me thinking a little. I felt like I have a good amount of them, but it turned out that I didn't have that much. So after giving her the links of the few that I had that were worth sharing, and finding out one or two I got through a subscription, I decide to go hunt down some more now that I'm on Summer break.

I've re found a few and found out that I read other stuff besides yaoi. Shocker. That would be also why I had less to share with the girl that I thought. Anyway, I remember how she was suppose to update her list also, so I went looking for and feeling stupid at the same time for not having faved it.  :(

Well I tried to find her journal, but for some reasons it's not popping. I must be using the wrong search word. While I was searching for her, I found another girl that a little frustrated that she couldn't find any straight coups. She kept running into yaoi ones over at this site that seems to be in the business of hosting web comics for scores of people.

I told her that I couldn't think of any off the top of my head. I have no yaoi comics, but that didn't mean had any where guys only kissed girls. So I told her that I will let her know about any good ones I come across to pay her back for the heads up on the web comic site she shared.

So I'm making my own. There will be girl/guy ones. There will be guy/guy ones. There will 'my life' ones. No real couples there. Just people living out the hand that life gave them. There will be, 'my life on this side of the rainbow' ones. Slice of life stuff for non normal or non human people. Then there might be something that doesn't fit in any of them or covers all of them. They have their own section at the end. I'll try to give a bit more insight when I post the actual links. :) Let's get started shall well? :)

EDIT - (end of) Nov 2014
I know. I'm back way to early. But a few things have happened. 

One, the before mentioned comic that I'm helping to beta will be starting over. She wasn't happy with the how she had planed part of it. So she has gotten help and is starting over. When she starts up again I'll get you the new link. 

Two, I think that my taste may be too much my taste, so I'm going to post web comic sites and let you find stuff that you like and support comics that you would like to see more of. There are a fair bit of them out there but, because, who knows why, they aren't well known. I will still add a single comics now again that I think are great. :)

Three, there is some other news, but I feel like it's too early to tell you about it. But I would like to say that it is concerning ErsbethShadowsong . So you could swing by her account and check her gallery until I have something else to tell you about her. :) 

EDIT - Nov 2014
Hello again.  I have three updates for you. After all this time. 

One, I'm taking down most of my gay comic list  because,

Two, I'm helping with another list that can be found here -…

The site hosts a list for gay, lesbian, trans gender and a mix there of. The only thing not there are straight couple centered stories. Sorry. Those links I will keep here. 

Now, if you want to add your web comic, to here or there, send me note or leave it as a comment on this journal. 

Three, I'm helping to beta a yaoi web comic. It's called Reversion and can be found here - Or here - Chapter 1. Cover. by KabraKare on DA. It's fairly new, and I only find out what happens with the story, just before you do. :) So you will just have to read along to find out what it's all about. :) 

EDIT - Who remembers when.
I found a club on here that already has a list of gay web comics. I was thinking of just point to them and stop updating this thing here, but then I remembered that I list a few other things here that aren't yaoi. (It's gay. Why don't you just say it. Gay webcomics). So I'm going to post their link for you and my for own online book marking self interest. :D

Yaoi Web Comics on DA -

Web Comic Communities (new)

- The Duck - It is still going, if the name rings an old and distant bell. They have a fair bit of comics. The only downside, is that you have to sign up to do anything other than read. Even though it has an anonymous box that you can check, you still need to have an account to leave a comment. If you find enough there that you like, then it could be worth getting a new user name and password. :) 

- Tapastic - I have been hanging out here a lot lately. They just made a deal with and absorbed another web place called Webtoon Live. If you had a link to that site, it will now take you to Tapastic. I think it's a great place to host web comics and it looks great on my phone. Very good mobile layout. If you are looking for a place to post, check them out. I'm not saying they will fit you, but it's worth looking at. All types to be found here. I'll be posting a few later down below. I signed in with my facebook account. 

- Smack Jeeves Webcomic Hosting - - I'm sure most of you know of them. They have every kind of web comic there and expanding every day. They have been loosing a few comics that were too explicit. I don't know it's only sexually explicit or violently explicit too. Most of them got their own site after being warned or kicked out of there.

- Comic - This one is much more artist run. They call it a 'user-generated comic site'. They do have up to date comics there. I also think they could use some exposure. I believe that it would prompt them to update parts of their site and allow other good comics to be found and/or posted there. 

- ComicFury Webcomic Hosting - I don't know much about it, but it's very large, it's ad free and free to use. It was also found on a list of the top 4 Best Free Webcomic hosting site list. I have the other three listed here also, but I just found that list. :) 

So go out, look around, leave comments, support the ones you like. Tell the ones that stopped to start going again and if you have the talent, time or will to post your own, go for it. :) 


- Alien Dice -… - My first in this section. Now. This is an interesting one. The lady,  Tiffany Ross, has been working and updating this web comic since May of 2oo1. There is dedication for you. Since she has a life, it's not as long as one would think, but it's not all that short either and her latest  post went up a day or so ago. So still very active. Now this has a SciFi twist, so bear that in mind. Oh, and her drawing skills aren't the greatest for the first few years, but she gets better. The story was so good that I had to read  it all. Speaking of reading, she also writes out all the scenes that she draws. So if you rather read the story with some pics to help guide you, then you have it. :)

Stop by and give her a chance. Oh, ignore some of the few comments I posted. ... just don't bother with them at all.  


New - Complete - 14 - Not what I thought. Granted I wasn't thinking anything since I barely skimmed over the 'about' page. But it's up there with 
KhaosKomix  as in there are some mind things being sorted out and understood and to a large degree accepted. The reason it's not down there with Khaoskomix, is because this story is centered around only one couple, and for the most part, they are gay. 

- The Element of Surprise -… - Very couple centered. Just start at the beginning and it will just continue to the end. It is still being updated.

- Starfighter - - I found this awhile ago, then lost the link and/or forgot about it. I was glad when I found it again. Very gay. Not for kids. But it has a great Sci-Fi thing going for it. Boys in space. :)

- Teahouse - - Any real yaoi girl worth her salt should have found this already. But you could be a bit slow like me, or just busy. So here is your official invite. Epic. That's all. Epic.

Complete - Artifice - - They call it a 'gay sci-fi web comic' and they are right it is. But that still didn't prepare me for what I found myself in. The site has other things that you have to subscribe to get. Like three other stories and some nice wallpaper. I have one of two boys ..... fighting on my iPad. :D

- The Young Protectors -… - This is from the same people as Artifice and this one is very ongoing. I think they started it a few months ago because it's near the start, but it's a great time to get in it now and have the bragging rights of saying you were there from the start. :) Oh, click on archive to start at the beginning.

- Katio Shuno - - The drawing isn't that great, but the story keeps me there. :) It's funny, sexy and surprising at times. And once in a while it get's dark. If this person gets someone to draw it over for her, this would so be print worthy and so buyable.  :) - UPDATE - the artist has gotten better, much better, but she also had to move from smack jeeves and is in the middle of renovating her new site. She got a lot done and it's still posted over there, so there is something to read, but she is on a long hiatus. Know that going in. 

- Blur The Lines - - It's something of a one liners spread across 3 or 4 panels. I took me a while to warm up to it, then I was just clicking to see what other funny thing the guy had. Now there is a couple here, and they are gay. If it wasn't for all the gay related material I would have posted it in the My Life section.

 Updated Link - Honeydew Syndrome - I keep forgetting to come back to this. I found this one a long time ago and I found it again while searching for new ones. It's set now, in high school, of course, but I think how the boys get together is new. It takes a while before anything really happens, maybe that is why I lost the link, but then, I think my browser just crashed that day and I never found it again. :)

Complete - Snow & Red -… Very gay and very nice and short so it's complete. This is what I expected when I picked up a book called gay tales. You should like this too. :)

- Gray Scale - I took a long time to click the link to check this out. I'm sorry that I did, and happy that I didn't at the same time. It's a great comic, but it's so close to the start. I am very mindful of their update day. :)

- Starseed - You might have already found this one if you went to one of my other links. This was a link on there and I like it. It reminds of old wood cut printing. :)

Complete - The Less Than Epic Adventure - have read it all. It's a great story and it may seem a little slow at times, but I think it's at a real world pace. This site comes with info and links to other web comics. 

My Life

- 5th & Main -… - I'm sending you to the update page so you see what gives. It's a new comic and it's to be be a slice of a less than ideal life comic. Now it seems that they have no issue is doing guys, but it's to early to tell if more than two people here touch girls. Another story to get in on the ground floor with. Great drawing. Reminds me of Yaoi911.

- Real Life Comics -… - Here is another oldie of mine. I started reading this like 8+ years ago and the boy is still going. I say boy, but I watched him get married on the strip. I think he has a kid now. I stopped reading a few years ago when life got in the way. Besides some odd moments and his friend trying to take over the world, he has a normal life that he makes funny. It's like Seinfeld on line. :)

My Life On This Side Of The Rainbow

- Sfeer Theory -… - Interesting fellow. He is gay, I think, but that seems to just be something of a note and has no great effect on the story, that I have read yet. Now, magic is something of a science and like anywhere with magic, they have the look of just entering the instinctual age. A very, very well done comic with great drawings.

- Strays - - I just found it and really, really like it. It's drawing style reminds of someone else, but for some reason I can't place it. It'll come back to me. :)  Enjoy. I have nothing to say about this one. You have to go read it yourself. Just some blood to be worried about. But what else would you expect from magical werewolves? :)

- Grim Tales -… - I almost feel ashamed that I forgot about this this. I must be like 2 years, 2 YEARS!, behind. This is a level of fanfiction that never crossed our minds. This guy is a genus. Genus I tell you. Get some popcorn, some water and settle into your comfy chair for this one.

- Chaotic Nation -… This one I wasn't sure about. As in where to place it. I think it belongs here. No real couples, gay or other wise, and there are non human things and magic, kinda, so I guess I picked right. Ok, so, go have a look. Liking kingdoms and sword fights and some magic would be a good thing here.  :)

I'm Just Different For Some Reason

- Tokyo Demons - - This is the site that made me make this section. A girl that has an interesting secret, but the plot isn't why it's here. One, they have audio. Yeah, they have people reading different parts of the story on the audio page. They also have it as a written story. Also you can buy the book with some pictures in it. Something that all the good webcomics ae doing this day. Publishing that is. :) I'm waiting for more audio. I'm reading everything else. :) BTW, they have Youtube files also.

This story is now complete! If you haven't been reading or went MIA you are now safe in the fact that you don't have to wait for updates anymore. :)
- KhaosKomix -… I have been holding this one back because it was so odd. It's ... I wonder how much to say wouldn't give anything away. It's great. You have to read it. Once you are up for any mix of humans, it's a great long story. :) Just keep hitting the next button once you get there. The links on the side will make sense to you later.

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Catacombs by jemgirl
I hope it isn't to dark for anyone. :) 


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