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I only gave three stars for Originality because I don't think the idea is that novel. It's impact comes from execution, which you have ...

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You have such a captivating view. I kinda saw it as something of a real life background from the movie Epic. The movie wasn't bad, just...

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When I stand back to look at this, I realize that you have this gorgeous expanse of blue sky with waves of clouds moving along it and t...

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This is what I aim for a lot of times but my cam cuts me short. You had the angle right and you did very good on the post work for this...

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As you may have realized, I write mostly about the love & sex life of gay men and sometimes straight couples.

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:bulletred: Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY
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Personal Quote::spotlight-left:I'm always late, but I'm worth it.:spotlight-right:

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A question for my readers. What do you think of character bashing (… ) in fanfiction stories? Is it a good element to have in a story. 

10 deviants said No = Comment.
4 deviants said What is character bashing? ->…
2 deviants said Yes = Comment.

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Faded Tracks by jemgirl
Faded Tracks
Hello. :) 

Hope you like it. 

Made in Sterling2.

I don't remember if it had post work done or not. 

This is a gay story. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Don't like, don't read.





“Ahh,” I moaned as I wondered why my phone was ringing. I automatically reached over to my side table, but I was puzzled as to why I couldn't feel it there. As I leaned over my side of the bed, to see if I had some how dropped it, I heard the ringing a bit more clearly but still somewhat muffled. I looked down through tired eye lids I saw the pocket of my jeans glowing slightly as my phone continued to ring. I had to pull myself free of Al's grip and warm body to reach down to the floor to get the ringing annoyance.

“Yes,” I asked with my eyes closed again. I hadn't checked who it was, but if it was someone who could have called at a more decent time I would let them have it. What time was it anyway? I asked myself before the other person answered.

“David?” Candice said into my ear. “Are you asleep?” she asked disbelievingly.

“Of course I'm sleeping,” I told her. Now I was really wondering about the time. “What time is it?” I asked her even as I settled back against Alfred. I sleepily smiled as I felt him brush his lips across the back of my neck.

“It's almost noon,” she informed me. “At least you'll be awake tonight,” she added on. “Is that why are you were sleeping?” Candice then asked as her pointed interest started to wake me up. “Were you guys at it until the wee morning hours?” she asked far to loudly for my liking. I opened my eyes and looked at the wall across from the bed.

“No,” I firmly told her before sitting up as I started to feel hungry. It was her fault for waking me up, but now I just thought of whole wheat apple waffles and turkey bacon, with cinnamon apple sauce on the side. Al was ok with me pulling way, but he put up more of a fight as I tried to leave the bed.

“I'm going to make us something to eat,” I told him as I leaned back and kissed him, muffling my phone in the sheets as I pressed it into the mattress. He tried to persuade me to stay as he pulled me back into bed and I felt his tongue moving around parts of my mouth. But as my stomach bent inward and kicked me, it became easy for me to pull away and walk out into the kitchen. I put the phone back to my ear as walked into the kitchen and headed to the fridge.

“Hello?” Candice asked. She sounded board so she must have repeated that word a few times I figured.

“Yeah, I'm here,” I told her as I pulled open the door and looked for the bag of frozen waffles that I made a double batch of and had to save the week before. I placed it on the counter before fetching the waffle iron.

“What were you doing?” she asked.

“Kissing Al good morning,” I told her honestly as I walked back to where the bag was with the waffle iron in hand.

“So when is your flight? I hear it's like four hours long,” Candice said as she got to the reason she called and woke me up.

“I'm already back,” I told her before not trying to hide a yawn. I plugged in the iron and looked around for two plates, the cooking spray and a fork.

“Already?” she asked sounding surprised. “When did you get in?” was her next question.

“About three am,” I said as I turned on the waffle iron. I picked up the bag and pulled out all four of the large waffles and separated them as I waited for the iron to get hot enough.

“Why?” was her question.

“I was telling him about what you said about the fireworks and the next think I know he has me booking our flight back for last night,” I told her. “By the way, it's more than fours hours. You forgot the lay over,” I informed her.

“Why?” she asked again after a few seconds of silence.

“Why there was a lay over? Or way the trip is more than four hours long?” I asked her over her particular question.

“No,” she said quickly. “Why did you rush back like that?” she asked. “I was prepared to hear you say that you weren't coming at all for new year's eve,” she informs me.

“Well we said that we were going to come and Al felt a little bad for how our first Christmas turned out...”

“But that wasn't his fault,” Candice jumped in with.

“I know that,” I answered. “But he felt bad about it anyway,” I continued. “And I think he wanted to see you guys,” I added on. He hadn't told me that, but it was one of the things I thought about on our way back home.

“Really?” she asked.

“I think so,” I told her as I placed a waffle unto the iron that I had already sprayed and was more than hot enough.

“Well ahm...,” she paused as she thought of something to say. I made my way back over to the fridge to get the bacon as I waited for her to continue. “Well,” she started again. “Did you remember to get a chair or something sit on and to bring something to eat?” she asked.

“Yes Candice,” I told her and remembered the two folded chairs leaning against the wall in my bedroom that I had gotten for the occasion. The food I wasn't buying until we were on our way out there. I was thinking of getting some Chinese take out. “We are meeting up at ten right?” I asked her.

“Yeah, on the corner of Pits and Wiggly,” she said.

“Ok,” I told her as I opened the lid to see to how the waffle was coming along. It still wasn't warm enough so I closed it and turned my attention back to the bacon.

“Well I'll see you tonight then,” she said sounding a bit more upbeat.

“See ya,” I said as I smiled into my phone before I heard her end go dead. I didn't even realize that I was naked until I tried to put my cell in my pocket and realized that I didn't have any. I slid it unto the counter top before going to get the frying the pan and an apron. I tried frying naked before, I don't recommend it.

I think that I was still half asleep or something, because before I realized it I had two waffles on each plate without remembering heating up the last two. There were four strips of bacon on one plate, with four more sizzling away in the frying pan. I placed the bag in the sink to wash later before turning all my attention to watching the bacon to make sure they didn't burn.

A few minutes later I reached for the fork to turn over and check the bacon. I moved them over to their plate a minute later as I turned off the stove. I took the plates over to the table and picked up a strip from my plate to eat as I walked back over to the fridge. I pulled out the apple juice along with the apple sauce after I wiped my fingers in the apron.

On my way back to the table I saw Al walking down the hall wrapped in his robe. I smiled as I continued on my way. As I turned around to go back for a few more things he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him. I didn't mind his hand on my ass at all until he murmured the word bacon across my lips.

“Yes,” I said in agreement. “Turkey bacon,” I clarified before before giving him one last kiss and heading in the kitchen for the maple syrup, some knives and some forks.


“When did the pizza get here?” I half shouted as I opened a box and pulled a slice free. As much as I wanted an answer I couldn't stay. I was on my way out back to see about setting up the projector and the screen wall. I chomped on pineapple, pepperoni and cheese, on a slightly thick crust as I walked around the staggers and caterers on my way out the house to walk between even more people setting up the outside dance floor that was next to the fake wall that I saw was finished. Mr. Ross was standing in front of it with the four guys I saw setting it up a few hours ago. He was looking over my head at something, if not someone. When I came to a stop in front of him, finishing up the pizza, he smiled a welcome at me.

“Sorry about that,” I said as I licked my fingers clean. “I was starving,” I explained.

“It's ok Mr. Webb,” he said as he looked up again. I followed his gaze saw that someone was in the attic as they positioned what I took to be the projector, out a window. “Now I'm not sure if we settled on having the wall this low,” Mr. Ross started again as he turned around and directed my attention to the white and almost seamless looking wall. “If you are going to show anything and no one is on the platform, then it's ok, but if you plan to have a speaker or dancing going, you may want to have it raised about three feet,” he suggested.

“Is the picture going to cover the whole wall?” I asked him as I thought that three feet was too low.

“No it won't,” he assured me. “We have a safe, or buffer zone of space at the top and bottom so it's never too close to the edge of the surface,” he explained.

“But then what about the sides?” I asked since he didn't mention them.

“The sides too,” he added on. “And there are the checks to make sure,” he said before holding his thumb up at the person in the attic. A beam of light now appeared over my head and a smartly dressed black woman with long hair was seated behind a desk. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but it was clear that she was reporting on some piece of news that had something to do with the picture of a crushed car that was in the top left hand corner of the screen. Since I was looking at the corner, I remembered to now look around at the sides of the screen to see how well the video fit, and it did easily.

“And the sound?” I asked Mr. Ross as I was momentary satisfied with the look of it.

“Yes,” he said before waiting himself. “It should have come on at the same time,” he admitted. “I'll have to check on a few wires. I'm sure that something just got over looked,” he tried to reassure me. I wasn't to put out by this kink. We had at least six hours left before the official start of the party, but I was hoping to at least cross this off so I could sit down with another slice of pizza.

“I'll check back in a little bit, but you can come find me or Mr. Greene,” I told him. He nodded his head and I turned around to head back to the pizza boxes for another slice or two. As I approached where I had found the pizza boxes, I started to hope that the only one that I saw closed, which was sitting on a pile of open ones, still had some pizza left in it. I was just four feet away when I heard someone call my name. I continued to look at the box for a few more seconds before I pulled myself away and turned to see Mr. Ross standing in the doorway looking in my direction.

“You found what was wrong?” I asked him as I got closer.

“Yes. One of the wires had been pulled free some how. I added extra length at the connection point and secured it,” he explained as we walked back to a more complete looking gathering space. I looked up at the wall and saw the same lady still talking, but there was a Christmas tree where the wrecked car had been. As we got closer, I started to hear what she was saying. We came to a stop on the dance floor and the beam of light was still well over head and the the sound I could hear was very clear and in sync.

“How loud can this get?” I asked as I thought about all the noise that the people at the party could be generating and I wanted to know how far into the rest of the garden it could reach.

“We have fifty on the dial, but we normally don't get asked to go over thirty,” he informed me. I then watched as he held his thumb up to the attic again and jerked it twice upwards. Slowly I heard as the lady's voice got louder and louder and heard details of fire works that were going off tonight at midnight over the river on either side of the bridge.

“Ok, I think that'll do,” I half shouted as I raised my hand to have him stop and hopefully turn it back down. When it was back down to a level that allowed me to talk normally I turned to Mr. Ross again. “So will one of you be here to work the equipment?” I asked as I wondered if we had to hire an extra person to do it or if one of us had to climb into the attic.

“Yes. Danny,” he said as he nodded his head into the direction of the projector. “Will come back tonight and take are of all audio and video needs that you may have,” Mr. Ross assured me. “What time will the party be starting?” he asked me to make sure.

“It will start at eight o'clock,” I said. “And we'll be finishing up about one or two am,” I added on. This is going to be a long day I realized. We've been up since eight that morning and I was starving, but I manged pull out the check from my pocket to give Mr. Ross before making my way back into the house praying there was still something there. I had just reentered the the house when Emma waved at me from across the room. I cried on the inside as I walked past the now clearly empty pile of boxes and in her direction.

“Yes Emma?” I asked her as I tried to tell myself that I will get food later.

“Dad's office,” she says before turning to walk away in that direction. Luke wanted to see me? I wondered what for as I followed her down the hall. As I entered through the open door behind Emma I smelt the pizza before I saw it. Luke held out a slice for me and I quickly closed the door before stepping forward and taking it from him. As I chewed I mouthed I LOVE YOU in his direction. Emma passed me a bottle of water and we ate in a hungry, but happy silence.


“You have never watched the new year's fireworks?” I asked Al as he pulled into a spot that opened up just as we rounded the block for the second time.

“I've seen them on tv but I only saw it once in person a really long time ago and I don't remember it. I just know that I did it,” he ended as he turned off the engine.

“I've been to about four and I remember all of them,” I said as we got out and turned to open the doors to the back seat. Al had to wait for a car to pass before he could open his door. I got the food and one chair, while Al got the other chair and a blanket that we brought just in case. I stood on the sidewalk and wanted for Al to round the car before asking which way we should go.

“Your friend said to meet them on the corner of where?” he asked as he tucked the blanket under his arm.

“Pits and Wiggly,” I answered.

“This way then,” he said as he walked off towards our right, in the general direction of the river.

“So what year did you go to see the fireworks?” I asked him to past the time walking.

“It was the new years after Brian moved,” he answered. “That might be why I don't remember being there,” he explained. “I guess I was just wishing he was still there so I could have spent that time with him and didn't want to enjoy it,” he continued. I was expecting him to say it was when he was three and there was a picture in some album that showed he was there, but he didn't remember. Not this.

“Sorry,” I said after a bit.

“Nothing to be sorry about,” he answered. I looked over at him and I saw Al smiling back at me. “It was a long time ago and I'm more than happy being with you,” he answered. The smile that lingered on his lips warmed me as much as my coat was doing at the moment. I wanted to kiss him but there were a lot of people around as they themselves seem to be heading towards the river to see the fireworks too.
I have a question for all my story readers, as few as you may be.

Do you want to see how the sale party goes? Or Do you just want a good ending and you're ok with that not being a part of it?

Leave comments below. 


Don't bother. I wrote it all. It is now 3:08 pm and I'm done. I sat here and wrote the last 11 pages. A chapter and a half. Since I haven't slept in a very, very long time, I'm going to bed now. 

When I wake up, I'll read over the next chapter to go up and post it. The chapter after that will be posted a week later, and the last chapter a week after that. 

I will re-post this with the new chapter later. :) It's over. :party: I hope you like how I ended it. :) 


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